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What is FLYER?

Testing platform for kids Flyers, Starters, Movers
FLYER – Virtual English Testing Platform

The FLYER – Virtual English Testing Platform is a multi-interactive test preparation platform that combines academic, technological, graphic, and gamification elements to assist students in finding focus and enjoyment in English. FLYER believes that persistent, focused, and purposeful revision is key to mastering English skills. Through the use of innovative educational technologies, students’ studying process will not only be more efficient but also more engaging.

With a vision of helping 1 million Vietnamese children become naturally fluent in English from a young age, by 2025, FLYER wishes to bring a high-quality educational technology product that can help students easily evaluate their English levels and improve their skills effectively through exciting experiences.

Who is FLYER for?

Anyone looking for an internationally standardized English testing tool:

  • To students aged 6-15: FLYER is a great “companion” on their learning path, assisting them in assessing & strengthening their English ability through smart learning features such as Placement tests, micro exercises, etc., and study following the Cambridge standard route (UK). Eventually, help children effectively practice for global English exams.
  • To parents: FLYER is a “useful tool to support parents” in accompanying their children’s learning journey, keeping a close eye on their learning progress with dynamic features such as studying reports, assignments,…
  • To teachers: FLYER is an “effective teaching assistant” that assists teachers in delivering the most interactive and exciting lessons. FLYER can meet various teachers’ needs such as managing students, reporting on learning results, assigning homework, organizing activities and competitions, and so on.

FLYER virtual english testing platform teacher dashboard

Our devoting team

About FLYER - Team
About FLYER - Team


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