Home Launch New English testing “arena” for elementary students debuts

New English testing “arena” for elementary students debuts

New English testing “arena” for elementary students debuts
New English testing “arena” for elementary students debuts

Isn’t it fun to have your friends being fierce rivals in a virtual English learning arena? Not just offering stimulating English tests online, FLYER has recently allowed its users to “battle” against each other through a brand new feature – “Challenge“. 

The feature name expresses itself, “Challenge” enables FLYER users to “dare” their friends, anytime and anywhere, to join them in conquering the 350+ exams in virtual testing rooms. Resembling an “intelligent match”, the arena requests users to set their own time befitting their personal goals. They can easily create their own testing room and invite friends to participate in this “English battlefield” to find the best joiners who can gain the highest score in a timed session. Time pressure will give students the most realistic experience of a competition. As a result, they not only significantly improve their skills by competing with friends for the top ranks but also learn how to manage their time effectively during tests.

The feature is special in that it introduces a real-time leaderboard, which updates the participants’ scores and rankings after each part of the test. Continuously encouraging children to compete for the top position helps stimulate their competitiveness and thereby, generates as much of their excitement and inspiration in studying as in playing a game. In this way, learning English becomes an enjoyable experience for students and it in turn encourages the student to practice actively.

The feature is special in that it introduces a real-time leaderboard.

Challenge” also offers a great grouping and homework-assigning solution for Cambridge English and TOEFL teachers. With this feature, teachers can easily create their own virtual English testing rooms which are so fun. Particularly, once joining the room and doing their assigned test, students can engage with various interactive actions, from fill-in-the-blank to drag-and-drop and voice recording. Adding to the feature’s appeal is the colorful and fun hand-drawn digital art from FLYER artists. To lend some motivation to these virtual tests, teachers can also set a mini-competition for their students leveraging the ranking and leaderboard.

Compare the rankings of all “Junior warriors” right on our ranking board

Students and teachers can access the “Challenge” mode directly from the FLYER exam platform’s home page. This feature is designed with an eye-catching and easy-to-use interface that is suitable for children as young as 5-6 years old. Everyone can easily create their own virtual exam room on FLYER with just a few clicks. Then, the system will provide a link and room code that teachers and students can quickly share with many others to join. Currently, this feature is available to all free and paid users.

With the new “Challenge” mode, FLYER is not only a virtual gamified English testing platform, but it is also an intriguing “intellectual arena” for all primary school students to compete against each other. As such, children can find their passion in learning English and ultimately improve their study results, as well as their English skills. This is also FLYER’s distinguishing characteristic in comparison to other traditional English learning methods.

Vibrant sound effects add to the excitement.

About FLYER 

FLYER is one of the pioneers in developing an international-standard virtual English testing platform in Vietnam. With an educational philosophy that concentrates on helping students find their focus and joy while studying English, FLYER wants to make a difference in English learning approaches for Vietnamese children.

“Healthy competition and fun in studying help motivate children to learn English,” said Nguyen Trong Son Tung, founder of FLYER. “As a result, children can quickly and naturally improve their English level.”

In addition to fostering children’s interest in studying English, FLYER always puts the academic quality of the tests as the top priority. The tests are compiled by a qualified academic team and follow the latest exam framework from Cambridge and ETS. Therefore, users can practice and are well prepared for their future examinations. These are also the tests that students will be “playing” in the “Challenge” mode.

350+ interactive mock exams simulated from Cambridge/ TOEFL real tests.

To make every English lesson of your kids full of fun and useful knowledge, parents and teachers can contact FLYER – Virtual English Testing Platform via fan page for more information.


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