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Refund and Returns Policy

FLYER develops a code change and refund policy based on protecting customers’ benefits so that they can use the Exam Testing Room for their children with peace of mind.

I. Activation code change policy

1. Cases of changing activation codes

FLYER will change the activation code for customers in the following cases:

  • The code provided by FLYER is different in duration compared to the code ordered by the customer.
  • The code provided by FLYER cannot be activated or has been previously activated by another user.

2. Code redemption conditions

  • In case the code fails to activate, the customer needs to provide the correct activation code sent by FLYER and his/her login information, including email and phone number for assistance in redeeming the code.
  • In case FLYER provides the wrong type of code, please notify FLYER’s support team to return the received code.
  • In case of changing the code to upgrade the account type, FLYER will only change it when the code has not been activated. If the customer has activated it, FLYER will not support code redemption.

II. Refund policy

1. Refund cases

FLYER will issue a refund to a customer only in the case of:

  • Customers pay twice for their purchases.

2. Refund conditions

In the event of a second payment error, please provide your payment invoice information as well as reconfirm the incorrect payment invoice for a refund (only refund for the wrong/duplicate payment invoice)

FLYER will use Teamviewer/ Ultraviewer to double-check and assist you in logging in and using the software. If the failure of the equipment cannot be repaired, you will be eligible to apply for a full refund.

3. Refund method

FLYER will issue a refund to the bank account you provide.

The full amount will be refunded within 1-2 days of confirming the claim. If you have not received your refund after the above time frame, please contact our support team at email: [email protected].

Thank you very much, FLYER team!