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17 common grammar structures in Movers Cambridge

These 17 grammar structures in Movers Cambridge revolve around relatively simple and familiar concepts for children aged 6-11. However, without proper focus on these structures, children may struggle to achieve their desired results in this exam. With numerous basic-level grammar concepts in English, which are the most important grammar points that children need to know?

Let’s refer to the article below!

1. 17 Grammar Structures in Movers Cambridge


V-inf: infinitive verb

V-ing: gerund

N: noun)

No.Grammar Structure in Cambridge Movers Example
1Indirect objectGive it to the teacher!
2Comparatives and Superlatives (with adjectives)– Your house is bigger than mine.– Anna is my best friend.
3Verbs– Irregular and regular verbs (simple past tense)– Verb + to V-inf– Verb + V-ing– … to V (indicating purpose)– want/ask someone to do something– must + V-inf (expressing obligation)– have (got) to/ had to– shall (making a suggestion)– could (past of “can”)– We went to the park yesterday.– I want to go home.– I went riding on Saturday.– She went to town to buy a toothbrush.– He wants the teacher to tell a story.– He must do his homework.– I’ve got to go.– Shall I help you wash the car, Mum?– I could see some birds in the tree.
4Adverbs – She never eats meat.– He sang loudly.– My mother talks a lot.
5Comparatives and Superlatives (with adverbs)– My brother reads more quickly than my sister.– I like ice cream best.
6ConjunctionsI went home because I was tired.
7Time prepositions– She plays with her friends after school.– He plays badminton on Saturdays.
8Question wordsWhy is he talking to her?– When does school start?
9Relative clauses– Vicky is the girl who is riding a bike.– That is the DVD which my friend gave me.– This is the house where my friend lives.
10What is/was the weather like? What was the weather like last weekend?
11What’s the matter?What’s the matter, Daisy? Have you got a stomach-ache?
12How about/What about + N/V-ingHow about going to the cinema on Wednesday afternoon?
13Time clauses with “when”When he got home, he had his dinner.
14Go for a + NYesterday we went for a drive in my brother’s new car.
15Be called + NA baby cat is called a kitten.
16Be good at + NShe’s very good at basketball.
17I think/ know …I think he’s very nice.
Movers Cambridge grammar
Movers Cambridge grammar
Movers Cambridge grammar
Movers Cambridge grammar

Teachers and parents can download the PDF files here:

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As can be seen, the Grammar Structures in Movers Cambridge are both numerous and very familiar in everyday communication. Therefore, teachers and parents can easily help children absorb and remember this knowledge by applying it frequently in daily conversations. FLYER hopes that this article will be helpful for teachers and parents as they accompany their children on this journey!

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