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Download FREE Cambridge Movers test papers with answers and audio

Taking practice tests is the most easily implementable method or children to quickly become familiar with the format of the A1 Movers Cambridge exam. In this article, FLYER will introduce parents to sets of mock tests for Movers that closely resemble the real exam. The sets are most effective in supporting children in their exam preparation and ensuring the best preparation for the test.

1. Latest Cambridge Movers practice tests

Cambridge Movers exam preparation materials prominently feature two official practice test sets created by Cambridge. These tests closely resemble the actual exam in content and structure. They cover Listening, Reading & Writing, include listening section tapescripts, and offer speaking section questions. These resources support children in comprehensive skill development.

A sample Movers exam set includes:

  • Questions for the Listening, Reading & Writing, and Speaking sections in color.
  • Answer keys for each section.
  • Tapescript for the Listening section.

1.1. Movers exam set 1

>>> Link download audio Listening Movers 1 HERE

1.2. Movers exam set 2

>>> Link download audio Listening Movers 2 HERE

2. 200+ Cambridge Movers practice exams on the FLYER Virtual English Testing Platform

The FLYER Virtual English Testing Platform offers over 200+ Cambridge Movers exam practice tests (covering all parts: Listening, Reading & Writing, and Speaking)  to provide your child with preparation for the Cambridge Starters exam.

Cambridge Flyers
  • These exams have been carefully compiled to match the format (up to 90%) following Cambridge’s latest standards. 
  • The automatic scoring system and answer key will help students review and study effectively at home.
  • Interactive exercises and game simulations stimulate children’s brain activity and interest in learning.
  • It offers various fun learning features such as challenges with friends, short practice exercises, and vocabulary reviews.

Moreover, a helpful feature for parents is the Learning Report, which makes it easy to track the progress of their children’s studies. The system automatically stores all test results and uses them to provide feedback on the student’s current proficiency level, strengths, and areas that require improvement. 

More significantly, parents who use FLYER’s virtual testing platform can save up to 80% on their kids’ exam preparation expenses!

3. Cambridge Movers student book

The Movers – Authentic Examination Papers book set is an essential resource for young learners preparing for the Cambridge English exam. Each book includes three full-color complete tests with exercises designed to closely resemble real-life situations where English is used by children.

As a result, the Movers – Authentic Examination Papers set has become a trusted companion for kids throughout their learning and exam preparation journey. After practicing the nine tests in this book set, children will accumulate the skills and experience needed to tackle the exam gradually.

Cambridge Movers


We hope that with the comprehensive materials compiled by FLYER above, students can prepare diligently for the upcoming Cambridge Movers exam. For more resources and articles on the same topic “Cambridge Movers Exam Preparation,” don’t forget to explore other articles by FLYER.

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