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Download FREE Cambridge Movers and Flyers writing practice books

Regarding the Pre A1 Starters exam, children are only required to provide single-word answers. However, as they progress to the Movers level they will learn how to construct phrases and complete sentences. Eventually, at the Flyers level, they will be able to write stories. The English writing skills books for children, “Movers Writing Skills” and “Flyers Writing Skills,” compiled by Cambridge are a must-have for parents, with children preparing for this proficiency certificate.

1. Characteristics of writing skills

This is an output skill or productive skill. Writing demonstrates language proficiency and requires knowledge gained through listening and reading. English writing in particular have the following characteristics:

  • Writing skills allow learners to express their thoughts, reasoning, and their acquired English language skills. Therefore, through a child’s writing, teachers and parents can assess their ability to absorb, identify strengths and weaknesses in their learning process, and plan for vocabulary, structure, spelling, etc., to help the child improve.
  • Good writing skills often rely on good reading skills because children need to recognize words to write and use them comprehensively, while also understanding grammar structures and how to present a coherent text.
  • Writing allows for personalization and the development of creative abilities at a high level.
  • For children with a specific direction or those preparing for the Cambridge Young Learners English exams at the Movers and Flyers levels, writing allows them to practice new vocabulary and structures and practice writing from basic (filling in words in the blanks) to advanced (writing a complete story).
Writing is a skill that allows children to express their thoughts and creativity using language
Writing is a skill that allows children to express their thoughts and creativity using language

Parents can effortlessly motivate their child to engage in writing practice at home by possessing the knowledge of preparing writing materials such, as grammar, vocabulary and writing techniques well as being able to provide inspiring topics, for their child.

2. Cambridge young learners English writing skills books for Movers and Flyers

These books were developed by Cambridge, especially for candidates attempting the Movers and Flyers levels of the Cambridge English language. Children can effectively improve their writing skills with the help of the Movers level writing guide “Movers Writing Skills” and the Flyers level writing guide “Flyers Writing Skills.” Children are directed through vocabulary study with lively pictures and clear, intelligible grammatical knowledge for arranging words into appropriate sentences through interactive tasks.

Once provided with all the necessary tools, children proceed to write complete, meaningful sentences, learn how to develop ideas, and then write stories based on suggested illustrations.

At the Movers level, children will learn how to write through the following steps:

  • Enriching vocabulary: nouns describing people, objects, verbs, words for asking who, what, where, and how many.
  • Observing and describing landscape pictures.
  • Observing and describing people.
  • Developing simple sentences.
  • Practical writing exercises similar to the actual Movers Reading & Writing test.

At the Flyers level, children will learn how to write through the following steps:

  • Expanding vocabulary: nouns, verbs.
  • Developing simple sentences.
  • Observing pictures, identifying differences.
  • Continuing a story.
  • Connecting sentences.
  • Using punctuation correctly.
  • Writing dialogue within the story.
  • Practical writing exercises similar to the actual Flyers Reading & Writing test.

3. Tips to improve writing skills at home

As mentioned earlier, writing is an output skill. To enable children to create content in their writing, they need to be equipped with the necessary materials for writing through input skills, including listening and reading. Parents should encourage children to read extensively by reading books to them or reading books together with their children.

Download FREE Cambridge Movers and Flyers writing practice books
Download FREE Cambridge Movers and Flyers writing practice books

Allowing children the freedom to write about what they want/like, they will find the task more engaging compared to strict, demand-driven writing practice. To begin with, parents should choose topics that interest their children for writing exercises. For example, they can write about a story/movie they recently watched or show humorous pictures to inspire writing ideas. Parents can also encourage creativity by allowing their children to draw or include annotations in their writing.

Parents should provide a variety of writing tools for their children. Colorful pens, erasers, and attractive paper can serve as motivation and make the process more enjoyable. Additionally, parents should create a quiet, dedicated study space for their children to focus on writing.

Children’s writing may contain grammar and vocabulary errors. Parents should help them correct these mistakes and remember to praise them when they use words correctly and write sentences with clear meaning.

Currently, children can practice their writing skills for Part 7 of the Cambridge Flyers Reading & Writing test right in the FLYER virtual English Testing platform. The FLYER artist team has designed colorful illustrations to boost children’s interest in practicing their writing skills at home.

Cambridge Flyers writing in Flyer Virtual English Testing Platform
Cambridge Flyers writing in Flyer Virtual English Testing Platform

So, when parents want to help their children develop English writing skills at the Movers and Flyers levels, the first thing to do is to know how to use or create various interesting exercises and learning activities. Writing materials for the Movers and Flyers levels are just one of the many reference books for parents. Additionally, parents can always create opportunities for their children to develop their ideas and flexibly use effective writing support software to nurture their writing abilities from elementary school.

Parents are invited to explore the Cambridge English Testing Platform here, where a wide range of practice tests is continuously updated to help their children prepare effectively for English language exams: https://flyer.us/

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