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Latest Cambridge Flyers student books for home study

Currently, possessing Cambridge English certificates gives your child an edge over other students. These certificates serve as proof of your child’s proficiency. The Cambridge YLE certificates consist of three levels; Starters, Movers and Flyers catering to children of different age groups. If you want your child to take these exams you can easily prepare them at home using textbooks.

Therefore, FLYER would like to provide parents with an article summarizing the recommended preparation books for the Cambridge Flyers exam. Take a look!

1. Overview of Cambridge Flyers certificate

Flyers is the highest level among the three Cambridge Young Learners (YLE) certificates – English language certificates for elementary and middle school students.

The Flyers exam is suitable for students aged 7-12. Upon achieving this level students demonstrate their ability to listen, understand and communicate in everyday English situations.

The structure of the Flyers exam includes:

SkillsNumber of Questions/SectionsDuration (minutes)
Listening25 questions25 
Reading and Writing44 questions40
Speaking4 parts7 – 9 

2. Summarized the latest Cambridge Flyers exam prep books

In this section, FLYER aims to assist parents by providing them with insights, into exam preparation books, for their children’s Flyers certificate. The goal is to offer an overview of each book content focused skills and individual advantages. This will enable parents to make a decision when selecting a suitable book to support their children’s preparation efforts.

2.1. Fun for Flyers

Cambridge Flyers student book - Fun For Flyers
Cambridge Flyers student book – Fun For Flyers

The Cambridge Fun for Flyers book series focuses on developing all four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, by interweaving these skills into all lesson activities, ranging from basic to advanced levels. Each lesson incorporates real-life situations from daily life, making the book more relatable to young learners.

After each lesson, there are review exercises in the book to help children reinforce what they have learned. These exercises cover vocabulary to help improve long-term retention.

Furthermore, the book helps children broaden their knowledge and enhance soft skills such as presentation, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving, with general knowledge about science and society.

Regarding the book layout, Fun For Flyers consists of a total of 56 units, with illustrations that capture children’s attention in each lesson.

2.2. A2 Flyers authentic examination papers 1, 2, 3

Cambridge Flyers student book - A2 Flyers Authentic Examination Papers 1, 2, 3
Cambridge Flyers student book – A2 Flyers Authentic Examination Papers 1, 2, 3

The A2 Flyers series of books is designed to help children focus on practicing test papers. By using these practice tests children can reinforce their understanding of test topics. Become familiar, with the structure of the official exam. Throughout the review process, these three textbooks meet all the required content and format criteria.:

  • Matches the format of the real exam
  • Illustrations corresponding to the real exam’s drawing style
  • Audio, Answer Key, and Tapescript for parents and children to correct mistakes and review

Regarding the general layout of this textbook series, each book includes three tests covering all four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

2.3. Power Up 4

Cambridge Flyers student book - Power Up 4
Cambridge Flyers student book – Power Up 4

Power Up is a series of books that includes a total of 7 levels, gradually increasing English proficiency from A1 to B1. Authored by the best-selling authors, Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson, this series offers engaging content that delves deep into academic knowledge and social skills development for children. Using a novel method, the series promotes young learners’ boundless talents and goes beyond exam preparation to explore their endless potential.

For children focusing on A2 Flyers level preparation, Power Up 4 is a suitable book for them to achieve their goals.

2.4. Storyfun For Flyers

Cambridge Flyers student book - Storyfun For flyers
Cambridge Flyers student book – Storyfun For flyers

Storyfun For Flyers is a book that compiles interesting short stories revolving around everyday life issues. Each story corresponds to a major lesson, in which children practice exercise types based on the story’s content.

A lesson’s structure consists of 12-15 parts, providing children with the opportunity to explore the story’s details and enhance their reading comprehension. Some specific activities for each lesson include:

  • “New words for you”: Matching new vocabulary with corresponding images.
  • “Right or wrong”: Reading sentences and marking them as true or false.
  • “Who’s talking about history?”: Choosing the most suitable summary for the story’s content.
  • “Do some coloring and drawing”: Coloring and drawing related topics from the story.
  • “Choose the best answer”: Selecting the most accurate answer.
  • “Complete the sentences”: Fill in the appropriate words or sentences in the blanks.

This book helps children practice and enrich their knowledge to prepare for the Flyers exam. In terms of difficulty, the book may slightly challenge the children. While practicing, they not only need to grasp the plot and details but also employ logical reasoning to provide correct answers for various exercise types.

2.5. Get Ready For Flyers

The book “Get Ready For Flyers” compiles everything related to various exam formats and common questions to help children conquer the Cambridge Flyers certification. The book covers 12 major topics revolving around common topics such as Hometown, Eating out, School, Dream Job, Castle, Sports day, etc.

Cambridge Flyers student book - Get Ready For Flyers
Cambridge Flyers student book – Get Ready For Flyers

For each skill, the book appropriately divides activities related to the 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The types of exercises are all updated according to the Cambridge Flyers exam format.

The book includes 12 major topics, 3 review exercises, a vocabulary list to remember, and a compilation of grammar structures.

1Our home 
2Going to town
3Eating out
4At school
5A day out
6Dream jobs
7At the castle
8Sports day
9Our camping adventure
10A good year!
11Our summer holidays
12Past and future

2.6. A2 Flyers Mini Trainer

Cambridge Flyers student book - A2 Flyers Mini Trainer
Cambridge Flyers student book – A2 Flyers Mini Trainer

The last book in this list that FLYER would like to introduce is the A2 Flyers Mini Trainer. This book provides complete practice tests designed based on the format of the actual exam, including 2 major test papers with different objectives.

The first test helps kids learn the exam format and gives them tips on answering different question types. For the second test, kids will do a full practice exam on their own without any help or direction, allowing parents to evaluate their child’s progress.

3. Some methods to prepare for the Cambridge Flyers certificate at home

To help parents effectively prepare their child for this certificate, FLYER would like to recommend some helpful strategies that they may use at home in addition to having them practice the knowledge they have learned in books.

3.1. Practice mock exams in the Flyer Virtual English Testing Platform

The FLYER Virtual English Testing Platform offers over 200+ A2 Flyer Cambridge exam practice tests (covering all parts: Listening, Reading & Writing, and Speaking)  to provide your child with preparation for the Cambridge Starters exam.

  • These exams have been carefully compiled to match the format (up to 90%) following Cambridge’s latest standards. 
  • The automatic scoring system and answer key will help students review and study effectively at home.
  • Interactive exercises and game simulations stimulate children’s brain activity and interest in learning.
  • It offers various fun learning features such as challenges with friends, short practice exercises, and vocabulary reviews.

Moreover, a helpful feature for parents is the Learning Report, which makes it easy to track the progress of their children’s studies. The system automatically stores all test results and uses them to provide feedback on the student’s current proficiency level, strengths, and areas that require improvement. 

More significantly, parents who use FLYER’s virtual testing platform can save up to 80% on their kids’ exam preparation expenses!

3.2. Vocabulary review by topic

Kids must possess a certain vocabulary to comprehend and answer the Flyers exam questions. Kids must therefore increase their vocabulary regularly to fully prepare for this test. Every day, parents can help their child review by looking up three to five vocabulary words.


Parents can use the listed books to help their child prepare for the Cambridge Flyers certificate at home. To pick the best book, consider its content, quality, and your child’s English level. Lastly, remember to go with your kid as they embark on their Flyers certificate adventure!

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