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Free Cambridge Movers exam preparation materials for kids

Before taking the A1 Movers exam, kids will need a clear understanding of the exam they are about to undertake to confidently complete the exam. Parents can assist children by accessing the official Cambridge Movers exam preparation materials, completely free of charge for candidates below.

1. Free Cambridge Movers practice exams

Each set of sample Movers Cambridge exams includes:

  • Questions for the Listening, Reading & Writing, and Speaking sections in color.
  • Answer keys for each section.
  • Tapescript for the Listening section.

2. Sample A1 Movers speaking test videos

In an exam that requires confidence, a strong foundation in English, and quick English reflexes, candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking abilities to the best of their abilities. The instructions and questions will be presented to children entirely in English, so there may be some nervousness and hesitation. In the A1 Movers Cambridge exam, candidates will directly interact with the examiner in a one-on-one speaking test. The sample speaking test videos with comments from examiners will help children visualize how the test is conducted, allowing them to prepare themselves for the exam effectively.

Sample Video 1: Sole’s Speaking Test

The examiner’s comment can be found HERE

Sample Video 2: Giorgia’s Speaking Test

The examiner’s comment can be found HERE

3. Movers vocabulary and grammar

To help children review and prepare thoroughly for the exam, FLYER has compiled a complete list of the most commonly encountered Movers vocabulary in the test, along with a diverse set of practice exercises:

As well as the most important grammar topics for Movers Cambridge that children need to master before the exam:

4. Movers Cambridge writing exercise book

Developed by Cambridge for Cambridge English Movers level candidates, “Movers Writing Skills” helps children enhance their writing skills effectively. Through fun exercises, kids can learn through vocabulary activities with colorful illustrations and concise, easy-to-understand grammar explanations to learn how to structure words into coherent sentences.

Parents can download for children to practice at home:

5. Flashcards Movers vocabulary

Part 1:

Part 2:

Movers Flashcard compilation file:

6. 200+ Cambridge Movers practice exams on the FLYER Virtual English Testing Platform

The FLYER Virtual English Testing Platform offers over 200+ Cambridge Movers exam practice tests (covering all parts: Listening, Reading & Writing, and Speaking)  to provide your child with preparation for the Cambridge Starters exam.

Cambridge Flyers
  • These exams have been carefully compiled to match the format (up to 90%) following Cambridge’s latest standards. 
  • The automatic scoring system and answer key will help students review and study effectively at home.
  • Interactive exercises and game simulations stimulate children’s brain activity and interest in learning.
  • It offers various fun learning features such as challenges with friends, short practice exercises, and vocabulary reviews.

Moreover, a helpful feature for parents is the Learning Report, which makes it easy to track the progress of their children’s studies. The system automatically stores all test results and uses them to provide feedback on the student’s current proficiency level, strengths, and areas that require improvement. 

More significantly, parents who use FLYER’s virtual testing platform can save up to 80% on their kids’ exam preparation expenses!

So, with the high-quality Movers exam preparation materials provided by FLYER’s virtual testing room, parents can effectively help their children study at home and prepare with confidence in knowledge and test-taking skills, ready to conquer the Cambridge Movers exam

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